Introduction to Spirit Warriors of Christ

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Do you know how soon Jesus is coming, are you READY!!!!

Why I believe Christians have it RIGHT!

Are you a true Christian? Do you know what Jesus said?

Do you know why God gave us the Ten Commandments? Watch and see!

Do you know Jesus, if not this video will show you how just follow along with the Prayer and you will be saved!

What does it mean to have faith

Jesus is coming soon are you ready? Click link below to see video

I believe Scripture makes clear that the rapture has to be Pre-Tribulation and that the Tribulation is only about the Jews.

Every Christian should have an attitude of gratitude

We are saved by Righteousness through Faith

Do you know what Perish means in John 3:16

This is a video about what will happen during the Tribulation for those who are left behind!

We are the final generation

Are you lukewarm? Do you know what Jesus said?

I am amazed at how Jesus followed the Jewish wedding with the Church as his bride.

Co founder has a Rapture dream!

Why you need to KNOW JESUS!

Time is running out

We are not to fear as believers

People need to see this and listen to what is said!

Are you Bold for Jesus?

Are you immunized?

Are you certain of your salvation?