Peace agreement

Palestinians have seen Trump’s

‘deal of the century’ – and want

nothing to do with it

The US has made it clear that Palestinian approval is not required for new peace plan, a copy of which Saudi officials delivered to Mahmoud Abbas.

The US envoy said the American “deal of the century” is a regional plan designed to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and create an Arab-Israeli coalition to counter the joint threats of Iran and terrorism, he said.

The Americans are planning to have a regional peace deal, and they don’t care if the Palestinians are in or out- Ali Jarbawi, political science professor

Abbas is deeply concerned that major Arab countries might sign on to such a US-led regional peace deal, despite the Palestinian objections, officials told MEE.

evidently since they cant get the Palestinians to talk peace the US government is planing a peace plan without them! This is certainly pushing us toward fulfillment of prophecy. I think who ever brings this plan into reality will be the Antichrist! Thus beginning the Tribulation period of 7 years. We are certainly getting close!!!

If you don’t know Jesus as your personal savoir NOW is the time!!!