Ezekiel 38

I believe we are getting really close to fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 prophecy. Just a few months ago Putin held a conference with Iran and Turkey and they are now aligned.

All the countries mentioned are now gathering near Israel. Most likely when this occurs it will result in fulfillment of prophesy in Isaiah 17 as well. Damascus will be destroyed in one day.

Ezekiel 38 mentions magog which is Russia, Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, togarmah these are all former countries of Turkey, Persia, which is Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, Also mentions Put which is Libya and Cush which is Sudan, Ethiopia, and semolia. They are to gather and come from the North which is Syria against Israel.

Also along with this is Daniel 11:40-45 which speaks of the King of the North – Syria and the King of the South – Egypt Also Psalm  83:6-7 which speaks of the Ishmaelites– Saudi Arabia and Tyre- Lebanon

This will be a very short war as God will defend Israel. They will spend 7 months to bury the dead. But it will allow Israel to build their temple.

I am not sure we will see this come to pass as the rapture may very well occur before this event takes place. But we are certainly seeing end time prophesy come to pass right before our eyes. It began with the Nation of Israel getting there home land back in 1948. Thus began the clock when Jesus said the generation that sees theses signs will see the second coming.

Do you know Jesus? If not now is the time! God Bless !!!!!


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