Ezekiel 38

The Ezekiel 38 war looks like it may be just around the corner. Israel is preparing for an attack from Iran. This along with Russia and a few others are who make up the Ezekiel war. I believe this war will be short and bring about the final 7 year Tribulation. I won’t give dates but it looks like it could be any time now! We are certainly getting close!!!

April 17, 2018
The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is believed to be planning an attack in retaliation for alleged Israeli strike on T4 airbase in Syria last week.

Israel is preparing for a crossborder attack by the Revolutionary Guard Corps, in response to a strike allegedly carried out by the Jewish state against an Iranian-operated air base in Syria that killed seven of its soldiers.

Israel believes the attack will come in the form of precision- guided missiles or armed drones launched from a base in Syria by the IRGC itself – not by proxies, as was done before – under the command of Quds Force commander Maj.-Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

“Israel will react strongly to any Iranian action from inside Syria,” a senior IDF source told Sky News in Arabic, adding that Iran plans to attack Israel from Syria.

Tensions have risen dramatically between the two archenemies following the infiltration of an Iranian drone into northern Israel, which the IDF on Friday said was armed and on an attack mission against the Jewish state.

Last week, an alleged Israeli air strike on Syria’s T4 Airbase in Homs province killed seven IRGC soldiers, including Col.

Mehdi Dehghan who led the drone unit operating out of the base. A senior IDF official confirmed to The New York Times on Monday that Israel was behind the attack, stating the February incident “opened a new period” between the Jewish state and the Islamic Republic.

“This is the first time we saw Iran [itself] do something against Israel – not by proxy,” he said, adding that the strike on the Iranians at T4 “was the first time we attacked live Iranian targets – both facilities and people.”

Following the strike, Ali Akbar Velayati, the top aide to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, warned that Israel “should be waiting for a powerful response” to the strike on the airfield, saying “it will not remain unanswered.”

APRIL 22, 2018
The Israeli Air Force has decided to scale back its participation in the Red Flag exercise in Alaska amid increasing tensions on Israel’s northern border.

“In light of the situational assessment by the Air Force it was decided to adjust the planes’ participation in the exercise,” read a statement by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, stressing that nonetheless, “Israel’s first participation in the Red Flag exercise in Alaska will take place as planned.”

Things are getting really ugly in Israel right now. I look for Jesus’ return very soon. GOD BLESS!!!!!!