super humans

What the future holds for us is somewhat frightening. Science is working to alter our DNA to create a new bread of humans. It’s called Trans-humanism. Trans-humanism is a “futuristic” philosophy which celebrates the potential of advanced technologies to augment human functioning to unprecedented degrees Although it’s not so futuristic any more. Ushering in a new phase of “post-human” evolution. They seek to cure all diseases, greatly improve our intelligence, and prolong our lives, not to mention they want to remove God from our conscience.

Therefore, post humanity or “Human 2.0” will be augmented with greater intelligence in immortal and super-powered bodies and will be linked directly into their sacred space (cyberspace). The Elites intent is not to make all humanity into pseudo gods they are building a new breed of mind-controlled Nephilim to become the Anti-Christs ultimate army.

Most likely not all will become immortal. Only the Elite will have immortality, the rest will have extended lives. But because of changes in your DNA you will no longer be true humans. You will not be able to go to heaven. I believe the Mark of the beast will bring about these changes.

But anyone who receives the Mark cannot enter heaven. These are not just futuristic fantasies; this stuff is real and happening right now! I believe that the Anti-Christ will show up very soon and this will become a reality. If you don’t know Jesus, now is the time!!