5G changes everything

I had no idea? Like so many others in today’s society I did not realize what is really going on. What I am speaking of is 5G. This is a new technology that will change everything. It is fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Previously I said the mark would be implemented at the mid-point of the tribulation. After some research I am not sure it will take that long. As the False Prophet brings this about not the Anti-Christ. So I am not sure how soon this will begin but prediction is for global 5G to be set by 2022. All I know is that to fully implement 5G it will be a necessary that all receive a chip. I truly believe that this chip is the mark of the beast.

5G is to bring about the internet of things. Where everything is hooked into the internet and regulated. This includes people, as all will have to receive a chip.  This is complete government control, perfect for the Beast of Revelation. 5G will bring about a cashless society, where everyone will be required to receive a chip in order to buy and sell. Sounds like revelations mark of the beast.

Do you Know Jesus as your personal Savior? If not now is the time. I feel people are running out of time to make this decision. Please wake up your family and friends. This is reality and Jesus is real and coming back very soon!