America in prophecy

United we stand, divided we fall. This may be why the U.S. does not show up in bible prophecy. We are in trouble; we have never been more divided as we are today! Besides we are in the way of the coming New World Order. There are far too many Christians in this country, not to mention the U.S. dollar is strong and makes it difficult to create a new one world currency.

Our collapse would explain why we do not come to the aid of Israel when Ezekiel 38 prophecy is fulfilled. But as large of a nation as we are I find it interesting that we do not show up in Bible prophecy? Why? Is it because we will no longer be a nation in the end times?

I know it can be hard to believe, but it is clear that our nation is on a downward slope! The world is trying to get away from the dollar for oil prices. The deficit is getting out of control, and political parties are fighting more than ever. The moral fabric of our society has completely collapsed. Would it really be hard to believe that our nation will collapse?

Looking at what is going on in the Middle East right now, I believe we  are on the verge of the Tribulation spoken of by the apostle John. But I thank God that the Rapture will occur prior to this! I am looking for his return any day now!!!

God Bless !!!!!!