Still here

Well I thought for sure this year would be it, but its all in Gods hands and his timing! I just can’t believe how we are seeing prophecy come to pass right before our eyes. Ezekiel 38 is coming to pass right now as Russia, Turkey, and Iran are on the border of Israel. All their economies are hurting and they should soon be invading for the spoils.

Now I hear Israel has a Red Heifer that they need to sanctify the Temple. So they can now build the third Temple. If Trumps plan is accepted they may just be able to do that. Although I believe it will be the Anti-Christ who will make it so that they can rebuild the Temple.

Trump is not the Anti-Christ, the Anti-Christ will allow the Jews to resume their animal sacrifices as they did in the old testament. This is the covenant that he will establish. Thus he must enable them to rebuild the temple. So although everything is ready I am not sure they will build it until the Anti-Christ shows up. But the Jews will accept him as the Messiah, only to find out later who he really is!!!

Do you know Jesus as your personal Savior? NOW IS THE TIME!!!

If you have not accepted Christ please read my post “become a believer”. It’s a life and death issue!! Please make sure you are right with God! Jesus died for you, make sure you except his free gift!!!

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