Wake up

Those at Cern believe they can create like God and they are in control but make no mistake God is in charge of this all. Our earthly realm can not change the spirit realm. When heaven and earth are destroyed there will be no mistaking who sent the destruction.

Why is this important, because the weather is getting more violent, earthquakes are increasing in diverse places, animals dying in masses, noises that no one can explain, and the list goes on. Not only is our world dying but there is preparation for the Antichrist to rule.

When he shows up we begin the Tribulation this will be mans last seven years on earth. I keep posting this, because some of the church is asleep and some do not want to see this for what it really is. There will be those who call themselves Christians left here and they will be given a second chance to come to the Lord and be Saved, but at that time it will be a violent Salvation. We hope soon some will wake up, look up, and get ready for Jesus to come.

Please if you don’t know Jesus as your personal savior read the end of my home page and see how you can be saved!