Role of Males

The world is changing its view of men. Men are expected to be more feminine and open-minded to gender changes. I found this on you-tube!

The world is redefing the meaning of Love. Now Love is:

  • Acceptance of all false religions
  • Tolerance of all sinful behavior
  • Tolerance of false doctrines
  • Refusal to rebuke or expose evil
  • Belief in not offending with the truth
  • calling good evil and evil good

This is crazy, we have come so far away from Gods plans. It’s no wonder we are facing the end times. The world has put God on the back burner. Many want to claim God is not real because things have not changed for so long. But God is real he is just very patient that none should perish. But time is running out, The signs Jesus gave in Mathew are all coming true. The fig tree is budding (Israel – became a nation again in 1948) This generation shall see the end times. Are you ready? If you’re not a christian please read my main site and find out how! Please get right with God today!!!