Daniel’s covenant

Daniel 9:37 Speaks of the antichrist making a covenant with many, we know who this is because a The Hebrew word that is translated covenant is “ber-eeth” and it means “a solemn binding agreement between two or more parties“. By definition, there is a bloody cut, usually the sacrifice of an animal that is involved in making the covenant. Thus he is making a covenant with the Jews. He will re-instate the animal sacrifices. This will not be as many have said, it is not a peace treaty.

According to the Strong’s concordance a covenant is made by passing through the pieces. In the Abrahamic covenant God sent Abraham to bring three animals to sacrifice in order to create the covenant. God then passes between the two pieces of flesh thus creating the covenant.

I believe many will be deceived because they are looking for a peace treaty to begin the tribulation. But clearly this is not what Daniel is saying. I myself for a long time believed this lie until I did further research. We must be careful that the tribulation does not catch us off guard. We must be vigilant and keep watch as the return of Christ is rapidly approaching.

The third temple will be built very soon, and the Jews will return to making animal sacrifices through the covenant they make with the antichrist (although they will believe him to be the Messiah). Then in the middle of the tribulation the antichrist will put an end to the sacrifices and declare himself as god. This is the abomination of desolation. This is when Jesus told the Jews to flee because it was about to get really bad. There will be great tribulation that has not been seen since the beginning. And that accept those days be shortened no flesh should be saved. But those days are shortened, Revelation 6:12 states that 1/3 of the day and night are smitten and shown not thus the days are now only 16 hrs long.

See the Jews did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah, so they are still looking for him. They expect him to re-establish the old covenant. This is exactly what the antichrist will do. In Jeremiah 31:31 it speaks of this covenant but according to Jewish faith “Jeremiah’s ‘New covenant’ is not a replacement of the existing covenant, but merely a figure of speech expressing the reinvigoration and revitalization of the existing covenant.” JewsForJudaism.org

Thus a return to the Old Testament sacrifices. Then at the mid point of the tribulation he puts a stop to the sacrifices. So don’t bother looking for a peace treaty. When we here that the Jews are making sacrifices we know the tribulation has begun. I am not sure if they will build the temple before this agreement or after. All I know is when they start the sacrifices it will be because of the agreement with the antichrist thus the tribulation has begun.

So keep watch! Because of 5G I know our time is short. I imagine this will all come to pass within the next two years. I hope you know Jesus as your personal savior, God bless!