We are facing very unusual weather lately. Suddenly most of the U.S. is under a cold spell, Florida received snow that has not happened in 30 years. The North east was hit with nearly hurricane strength weather over the weekend.

On Jan 3 the sea retreated of the coast of Ecuador and flooding occurred in Columbia. This happened again last year where waters receded in Brazil and flooding occurred in Chili.

This seems obvious that God is warning us of the coming time of tribulation. I still believe that 5G will bring about that all must be chipped and that this chip is the mark of the beast. It is to much of a coincidence that if you have no chip you cant buy or sell in our soon to be cashless society. And Rev 13:17 that only those who receive the mark can buy or sell.

Please if you don’t know Jesus as your personal savior now is the time! God bless everyone.