RFID must see video

I have always believed that the RFID chip was the mark of Revelation. But I saw a video by one of the people who helped create it and now I am absolutely certain this is true.

He states after much research because the battery is charged by temperature changes that the best locations are the right hand or the forehead. Rev. 13:16 says same thing of the Mark.

Mark (5480) in the concordance is a scratch or etching from 5482 which says to sharpen to a point.

Furthermore 666 is a word (5516) ending with stigma meaning to stick or prick for recognition of ownership.

There can be no doubt that the chip truly is the mark of the beast.

You must see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fmG3T9A0YA

The end is coming very quickly so please if you don’t know Jesus now is the time!!!!