You must get the Holy Spirit

I am sorry I have not posted in a few weeks. My life went crazy, on Jan 28th I was baptized in the name of Jesus and I received the holy spirit! It was so amazing after I came up out of the water I stood and raised my hands, I wanted to say praise Jesus and I started speaking in tongues. That alone was an amazing thing to have happen but then I quit smoking on the spot. That has been over two weeks ago. I tried all sorts of smokeless products trying to quit with no success. But after my baptism I quit with no problem.

My life is so full of JOY!!! I still have problems but I don’t worry about them and I am always so happy. I can’t get over the difference in my life after receiving the Holy Ghost. It has literally given me a whole new life! I cant help but share what has happened to me with everyone.

God is so great and when Peter said be baptized in the name of Jesus and you will receive the Holy Spirit he was right! Also in the book of John, Jesus said unless one is born of water and spirit he can not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. I fear far to many have been mislead by the church. Because I know Jesus said go forth and baptize in the name of the Father, son, and holy spirit. But the apostles understood that to mean to baptize in his name! Today’s church does not? In acts everyone was baptized in the name of Jesus. I can give first hand account. I was baptized in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit. Thought I was a christian but had never received the Holy Spirit. But after an attempted suicide, I did further study. Then I was recently baptized in the name of Jesus. And I received the Holy Spirit! So now I know I have been born of water and spirit and I am a son of God!!!!!

I hope this message will encourage others to be baptized in the name of Jesus and that they too may receive the holy spirit! GOD BLESS !!!!!!