Do we want to be a socialist country?

Joe Biden‘s vow to phase out the oil industry at Thursday’s debate creates a problem for Democratic candidates in red-leaning states and swing House districts as it gives Republicans an opening to tie them to their party’s left wing.

The Socialist wing of the 2020 Democratic Party has a plan to make America energy efficient, it’s called the Green New Deal, and it is everything you would expect from people who desire to see American become Venezuela. It is massively expensive, it is completely impractical, and most of all, it will decimate the American economy which is actually the whole reason behind it. Joe Biden is a proud supporter of the Green New Deal, it says so right on his own web site.

2020 is the year America voted on Socialism, because that’s what is really on the ballot. If we elect Biden We will become a Socialist country

Over in La La Land, Gavin Newsom has decreed that all vehicles that operate on petroleum products will be illegal by the year 2035, and everyone running on electric vehicles. A pretty good trick when you consider that in 2020 alone, California had rolling blackouts affecting millions of people as thier power grid repeatedly was unable to keep up with demand. Now, add to that scenario what it will be like when nearly 20 million vehicles will need electric power to operate. Lights out.

If Joe Biden was to keep his campaign promise to “phase out the oil industry”, it would cause economic bedlam the likes of which it would be hard to imagine, and it would bring back the around the block gas lines of the Jimmy Carter era. The Green New Deal is nothing more than a desperate attempt to rid America of the robust economy that has provide the world’s best standard of living since WWII. I am against Socialism, against the Green New Deal, and against Joe Biden destroying the American economy. How about you, want to live like Venezuela?

Please as Christians we need to get out and vote for the candidate that supports Israel, is pro-life, and who will keep us a Free Country! We need to vote for biblical values! GOD BLESS!!!